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Starting Of Bangla:
The alternative folk band 'BANGLA' has enchanted audience by presenting timeless folk songs in a contemporary style. If one seeks to define their music one could label 'BANGLA' an alternative folk act. This new band is certainly making waves with its unique quality of music that is taken from our rich cultural history but presented in a trendy manner to cater to the preferences of the present generation. The band was set up in 1998 by a group of enterprising young artistes. The band's vocalist Anusheh has a deep and mesmerising voice and the others, Kartik, Buno, Arnab and Shantanu complement her vocals with their skillful playing. Anusheh is trained in classical music from India, Buno picked up Hason Raja's songs from Sylhet, while Arnab learned Rabindrashangeet at Shantiniketan where he was a Fine Arts student. The quintet met and used to jam together.

Band Line-up:
Anusheh (vocals), Buno (Vocals & Bass), Arnab ( Keyboards, Vocals & guitar), Kartik (guitar) and Shatanu (drums)

Taking Music as Profession:
BANGLA members have a philosophy regarding taking up music as a profession, "never mix passion and profession." And music is a collective passion for this band. They perform because they love doing so.

Bangla Music...
Kalare Bangla
Krisna Pakha Bangla
Tui Gaan Ga Bangla

In the end of the year 2000, Bangla captivated the audience in a show at the Fine Arts Institute amphi theatre. "Initially, we had to deal with scepticism, but people soon realised that we are actually bringing back songs that had been forgotten," says Buno. The band's listeners vary between the ages six to 60. One of their ardent fans is actually a six-year-old girl named Mita who always shows up at their concerts and sings along with them.

Achivements :
The band is currently have their first album "Kingkortabbo bimurh" out in the market. "It is Bogey Bhai of RENAISSANCE, one of the partners of Ektaar Music who encouraged us to bring out an album", reveals Buno.

News Source & Courtesy:
Imtiaz Beg, Lavina Ambreen, Hana Shams, The Daily Star & Bangla
Edited by Nahidul Haq

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